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Go to our website or Download the zita app free
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Update your profile (choose username, add withdrawal account detail)
Fund your account using any of Perfect Money, Naira, ZCash card
To add fund to your account, click on Top up
Select payment option of choice:
Zita online approved resellers
Perfect money.
Select amount to top up
Click on Complete transaction

How each one of the top up methods works


Using paystack will credit the money in a user account and he can then select the amount of zita packs
or zita product (house, car, jet, gold, silver, bronze, platinum, phone) he wants to buy from his
dashboard and purchase.

Zita online approved resellers.

Users or players who don’t have the zitacash already can get their account funded through the help of
an online agent. They will have to click on Zita online approved resellers, pay through the online
reseller who then sends him the equivalent zitacash to topup.
One can decide to be a zita online reseller. To do this he will have to create a Zita Reseller Account.
When approved his information will automatically appear among the approved resellers in our
website, and with the reseller account he can order the amount of zitacash he wants according to the
units he desires.

Perfect Money( coming soon).

Players can as well pay through Perfect money and then use their credited units to purchase zita packs
or zita products from his dashboard.
Next, buy zita packs if you didn’t recharge via Zitacash (for users that paid via paystack and perfect
For a user to buy zita packs after haven credited his zita account through paystack or perfect money
the user will have to click on BUY ZITA PACK and then select how many he wants to buy according to
how much the money in his account can purchase.

To Play Zita

Select zita number seeker game and
Create any of:
Zita game invitation or
Create a zita ready game or simply
Click on join a zita ready game to join already created zita ready game of your choice.
To create a zita game invitation:
Click on Create a zita game
Click on Add userID
Add the userID of the friend you want to invite and then click on invite
To create a ready game, click on create a zita ready game
Select an amount to play with, and then click on SUBMIT button
To join an already created ready game, Click on join Zita ready games, and then select any user you
want to play with.

Withdrawal in Zita.

Minimum withdrawal = #2,000 (2 thousand naira only)
Maximum withdrawal = No limit.
Payments of cash outs is effected within 24 to 48hrs from the time of request.


Compete with your peer or friends on zita in a seeker game to find what the hidden number is.
The system generates 10 digits numbers or strings.
Each 10 digits has 2 numbers covered (hidden from view of both players)
The 2 players are expected to see everything happening equally and when each one selects both will
know what each choses.
The two players are to seek out or play on who to find the 2 correct numbers.
There are 10 numbers displayed on the selection panel for the 2 players, and each player is to select 5
numbers each but in a one after the other basis. This means that they select turn by turn, if player A
selects a number he cannot select again not until player B has selected his and in that order.
The player that gets the 2 correct numbers wins.
Winner takes it all
We charge 10% per successful play.
After a game over, a player can select to Rematch his opponent by quickly clicking on the Rematch
To send other players/friends or colleagues a credit from your zita account to theirs simply click on
Transfer a zita credit
Enter amount
Then input the person’s unique userID
Click on Send button
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Publication – if users have expressly provided prior permission to use their name or likeness.
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